Chemo Therapy Has Different Reactions on the Body

I had to start chemo and I wasn’t sure what kind of effects it was going to have on my body. There are so many different types of chemo that it can be hard to talk to talk to another person about their experiences. No two people have thever same experience. Crystal X has been helpful to me and some others that have gone through the same experience but to say that it would help all others would not be true. I did not lose my hair in my treatment but a lot of my friends did lose their hair.

My chemotherapy came in the form of a pill while my friends had the traditional kind of chemotherapy that was infused through an IV. Continue reading Chemo Therapy Has Different Reactions on the Body

Lupus a Tough Disease to Spot, Treat

MONDAY, May 30, 2016 — Lupus is difficult to diagnose and treat, but scientists are working to learn more about its genetic causes and to develop better treatments.
The autoimmune disease affects between 300,000 and 1.5 million people in the United…
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Lifestyle May Be Key to Improving ADHD in Kids

MONDAY, May 30, 2016 — Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are often treated with medications, such as Adderall or Ritalin. But a new study suggests that parents can also help their kids by promoting healthy lifestyle…
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Even Kiddie Pools Pose Danger

MONDAY, May 30, 2016 — Just a few inches of water in a kiddie pool are enough to drown a child.
“When we think of pool risks, we think of the big pools, complete with deep ends, diving boards and swim parties,” said Dr. Nina Shapiro, director of…
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Health Tip: Coping With Hip Arthritis

– When arthritis strikes your hip, the pain and stiffness can make it difficult to get through the day.
Here are suggested coping techniques, courtesy of the University of California San Francisco Medical Center:

Seek treatment early to help…
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Health Tip: Women, Don't Neglect Your Health

– Being a wife and mother are important, but women need to take care of themselves, too.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests:

See your doctor for regular screenings and checkups.
Get plenty of exercise, including aerobic…
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Sun Protection Comes in Many Forms

SUNDAY, May 29, 2016 — As folks start baring more skin at the beach, pool or barbecue this Memorial Day weekend, that means it’s time to start covering up with sunscreen.
Exposure to UVA and UVB rays is always harmful, an expert from Penn State…
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Don't Let Bad Food Spoil a Good Barbecue

SATURDAY, May 28, 2016 — Picnics and barbeques are a big part of Memorial Day weekend, but keeping foods safe to eat at these events can be a challenge.
The first step is to wash your hands before and after handling any foods. If you’re outdoors…
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Music Soothes Nervous Eye Surgery Patients

FRIDAY, May 27, 2016 — Listening to relaxing music before eye surgery reduces patients’ anxiety and their need for sedation, a new French study suggests.
“Music listening may be considered as an inexpensive, noninvasive, non-pharmacological method…
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On Services: My Experience Explained

How to Choose an Orthodontist for Your Child

Having your health taken care of is one of the most vital aspects of managing life and its responsibilities. Paying attention to health is crucial because everyone only gets one body and having it be at its optimum is important for quality of life. One big mistake that millions make yearly is that they will purposely ignore a medical problem that they hope will just go away. The issue with ignoring a medical concern is that it may be much worse than a person ever bargained for and they won’t find out soon enough. Regular check-ups with doctors is a recommended part of a patient’s care so that any issues can be addressed and to ensure continuing good health.

A lot of people won’t go to their yearly exams for reasons such as being too busy or thinking they are perfectly fine and don’t feel that they should have to. A lot of people also ignore taking care of their dental health as part of their whole body quality of life. It seems that many will simply wait until they are in pain or suffering severe damage before they seek out a dentist. One good thing is that children do usually get their regular dental check-ups because their parents are concerned about their teeth and want to ensure they are free of problems. It is not always a guarantee that a child will be free of any concerns and that they will get a good report from the dentist.

Issues that parents may hear from their dentist are cavities forming, gingivitis in the gums, or even problems with the way the teeth are growing in. Some of these concerns require an office to refer your child to an orthodontist for specialized work. Choosing an orthodontist for your child is a big decision because they will be doing serious work on your child’s teeth and it requires professional and experienced hands.
Questions About Services You Must Know the Answers To

A great way to choose a skilled orthodontist for your child is to ask for testimonials from previous patients that you trust such as friends, family members, or other dental professionals that can attest to their skill from personal experience. Another helpful recommendation is to find out if they have experience in pediatric dentistry or if they have provided dental care to children on a regular basis so that you can have faith in their ability to handle your child’s dental needs in a way that you feel comfortable. Being able to choose an orthodontist for your child that is highly recommended and skilled will be very important as they will be the ones helping to ensure your children have healthy teeth for the future.Getting To The Point – Experts