A Woman Who Looks at Everything

Sometimes my mother gets a little mad when you give her something as a gift that may imply something else. This especially happens when she gets something that she thinks is a sign that she may be getting old. Even though she complains about getting older all the time, if there’s even a remote hint that someone else is suggesting it, she’ll get mad. She can be quite a difficult person sometimes, but I still love her. I just hope that she will accept the Collaskin that I got her as a birthday present. If not, then I may just use it for myself.

The product that I got her is great for giving the skin a more youthful look, with my mother would love, if she didn’t think I was telling her that she was getting old by giving her the gift. Continue reading A Woman Who Looks at Everything

Chemo Therapy Has Different Reactions on the Body

I had to start chemo and I wasn’t sure what kind of effects it was going to have on my body. There are so many different types of chemo that it can be hard to talk to talk to another person about their experiences. No two people have thever same experience. Crystal X has been helpful to me and some others that have gone through the same experience but to say that it would help all others would not be true. I did not lose my hair in my treatment but a lot of my friends did lose their hair.

My chemotherapy came in the form of a pill while my friends had the traditional kind of chemotherapy that was infused through an IV. Continue reading Chemo Therapy Has Different Reactions on the Body

Homing In on the Genetics of Migraine

SUNDAY, June 26, 2016 — An international team of scientists has identified dozens of new genetic variants associated with migraine headaches.
The researchers say their findings could lead to new treatments.
Most of the variants are in or close to…
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Hovering Parents May Harm Kids

SATURDAY, June 25, 2016 — Children with “intrusive” parents who push too hard for good grades may be more prone to become highly self-critical or anxious and depressed, a new study suggests.
“When parents become intrusive in their children’s lives,…
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Drones Could Deliver Vaccines in Developing Countries

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — Right now, people often associate the use of drones with warfare. But in the future they could serve humanitarian purposes, such as delivering aid to people in developing countries.
For example, the pilotless flying machines…
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Contaminated Gloves a No-No in Hospitals

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — Health care workers who wear contaminated gloves can transfer bacteria onto hospital surfaces, a new study warns.
“Infection control is a priority for all hospitals to reduce the spread of [bacteria],” said study author Sae…
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3,300 Heat Deaths a Year Projected for NYC by 2080

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — Heat-related deaths in New York City could soar in coming decades because of climate change if preventive measures aren’t taken, a new study indicates.
The researchers predict over 3,300 heat-related deaths a year in New…
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New Treatment Shows Promise for Crippling Knee Arthritis

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — For those who suffer debilitating arthritis in their knees, researchers report in a small study that just one injection of stem cells can reduce pain and inflammation.
The idea is experimental: Extract stem cells from a…
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Why Some Bisexuals Won't 'Come Out'

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — Many bisexual men are afraid to reveal their sexual orientation to female partners, relatives and friends, a new study says.
Fear of stigma and damage to their relationships keeps many bisexual men in the closet, report…
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Five New Genes Linked to Colon Cancer

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — Scientists have identified five new gene mutations that may be tied to colon cancer.
The findings are from an analysis of genes from more than 1,000 people with colon cancer. The links between these five gene mutations were…
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Smoking May Hinder Common Breast Cancer Treatment

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — Smoking may blunt the effectiveness of a certain kind of breast cancer treatment, new research suggests.
Among breast cancer patients taking a class of drugs called aromatase inhibitors, smokers had a three times greater…
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DNA Tests May Spot Brain Infections

FRIDAY, June 24, 2016 — Genetic testing may help diagnose or rule out brain infections, researchers report.
They said their pilot study showed that using computers to rapidly analyze large amounts of genetic and biological information from brain…
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