Sleepless Nights, Unhealthy Hearts?

FRIDAY, March 31, 2017 — More worrisome news for people who toss and turn all night: Insomnia appears to be linked to a heightened risk for heart attack or stroke, a research review from China suggests.
“We found that difficulty initiating sleep,…
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U.S. Thyroid Cancer Cases Continue to Rise

FRIDAY, March 31, 2017 — The rate of Americans diagnosed with thyroid cancer has more than tripled over the past four decades, and continues to rise more than 3 percent a year, new research shows.
The rise can’t be completely attributed to better…
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Self-Harm Can Be a Harbinger of Suicide

FRIDAY, March 31, 2017 — Adults who self-harm appear to be at increased risk for suicide over the next year, a new study suggests.
“The patterns seen in this study suggest that clinical efforts should focus on ensuring the safety of individuals who…
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Survival Continues to Improve for Most Cancers

FRIDAY, March 31, 2017 — Overall cancer death rates in the United States continue to fall, but racial gaps persist, a new report says.
Death rates fell between 2010 and 2014 for 11 of the 16 most common cancers in men and for 13 of the most common…
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Is Your TV Making You Fat?

FRIDAY, March 31, 2017 — Trying to stay slim? Start by switching off your TV during meal time.
Of course, just turning off the television won’t make pounds melt away. But new research suggests that not watching TV at dinnertime seems to reduce the…
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