Will Climate Change Bring More Highway Deaths?

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — America’s roads may become more dangerous as an unexpected consequence of climate change, a new study suggests.
After seeing an abrupt spike in traffic fatalities in 2015, which reversed a 35-year downward trend, road…
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Brain Scans Offer Clues to Why Some Teens Pile on Pounds

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — How come some people can just walk on by a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, while others grab a handful as they pass?
Brain scans done on teenagers may provide a clue. Researchers found that the brains of…
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New Hope From Old Drugs in Fight Against Parkinson's

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — Scientists have found early hints that compounds in certain asthma drugs might be able to combat Parkinson’s disease.
The researchers cautioned that their findings are only a first step. Much more work is needed before…
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Fentanyl Drives Rise in Opioid-Linked Deaths in U.S.

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — Fentanyl, a synthetic narcotic, is a key player in America’s continuing epidemic of opioid-related overdose deaths, two new studies report.
Opioid OD deaths began increasing early this decade as people addicted to…
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Chronic Illness Can Plunge Young Adults Into Despair

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — Young adults with chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes are more than three times as likely to try to kill themselves as their healthy peers, a new Canadian study suggests.
They’re also 28 percent more likely to think…
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U.S. Obesity Rate Holding Steady, but Still High

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — Obesity rates in the United States appear to be leveling off, but Americans shouldn’t think the battle of the bulge is won, health advocates say.
In 25 states adult obesity rates exceeded 30 percent this year, and in five…
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New Clues to Why Yawns Are Contagious

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — The “contagiousness” of yawns may be rooted in primitive brain reflexes, British researchers report.
Echophenomena is the term for contagious movements such as yawns. Humans tend to yawn when they see others yawn, and so…
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E-Cigs May Help Smokers Quit, But …

THURSDAY, Aug. 31, 2017 — E-cigarettes can help smokers quit, but only if they discard tobacco in favor of vaping nearly every day, a new study suggests.
Former smokers are nearly three times more likely to abstain from cigarette smoking if they…
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