Mid-Life Stresses May Be Tied to Late-Life Dementia Risk

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — Anxiety during middle age might signal impending dementia, a new analysis suggests.
Although millions of Americans suffer from moderate to severe anxiety, it’s not clear how it is linked to dementia or if treatment could…
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What Foods Can Hasten, or Delay, Menopause?

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — What women eat might determine when they enter menopause, new research suggests.
After tracking more than 35,000 British women for four years, investigators found that menopause tended to start earlier among those whose…
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No One-Size-Fits-All for Hydrating During Sports

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — Waiting until you’re thirsty to drink during sports could lead to dehydration and poorer performance, a new study finds.
“Drinking only to thirst typically leads to significant dehydration, which is associated with exercise…
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Even a 'Bad' Flu Vaccine Could Save 61,000 Lives: Study

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — A truly dismal flu vaccine could still save thousands of lives, as long as roughly 40 percent of Americans got their shots, new research suggests.
At that coverage level, a vaccine that was only 20 percent effective would…
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Music May Calm the Agitation of Alzheimer's

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — Music therapy might help ease the anxiety and agitation that plagues many Alzheimer’s patients, researchers suggest.
“People with dementia are confronted by a world that is unfamiliar to them, which causes disorientation…
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Study Debunks Idea That Epilepsy Can Hamper Fertility

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — Having epilepsy doesn’t appear to lower a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, new research finds.
“Our paper is a myth-buster,” said study author Dr. Page Pennell, director of research in the division of epilepsy at…
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End-of-Life Care Saves Money

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — Giving very ill and dying patients palliative care shortens hospital stays and lowers costs, researchers report.
Palliative care focuses on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness to reduce…
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'What's That Word?' Fitness Helps Seniors Find It

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 — Can’t recall that word that’s on the tip of your tongue? Exercise might help.
Physical activity is tied to a host of benefits. Now, a small study finds that healthy older people who exercise regularly have fewer problems…
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