Hiccups for a Month? It Can Happen

FRIDAY, Aug. 3, 2018 — Short-lasting hiccups are annoying enough, but some people get hiccups that last longer a month or more.
The longest recorded case? An Iowa farmer had hiccups continually for 69 years and nine months, according to the…
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The Dark Side of Sunless Tanning

FRIDAY, Aug. 3, 2018 — Don’t kid yourself that using a sunless tanning product will prevent skin cancer.
Unless you’re willing to stop sunbathing altogether, you’re still at risk for skin damage, researchers report.
“For the most part, adults who…
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AHA: Air Pollution Exposure Linked to Enlarged Hearts

FRIDAY, Aug. 3, 2018 (American Heart Association) — Healthy people exposed to even low levels of air pollution over a handful of years developed enlarged heart chambers, a common precursor to heart failure, a new study indicates.
While previous…
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Scientists Trace Link Between Head Injuries and Parkinson's

FRIDAY, Aug. 3, 2018 — Links between brain damage and contact sports continue to emerge, with scientists now tying repetitive head impacts to a condition that can lead to Parkinson’s disease.
Researchers have already tied repetitive head impacts…
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Health Highlights: August 3, 2018

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
E-Cigarette Sales in U.S. Climb as Prices Fall
There was a large increase in sales of electronic cigarettes and related products in the United…
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Home Check: Electrical Safety, Room-by-Room

FRIDAY, Aug. 3, 2018 — You might not think much about it when turning on a light in your home, but faulty wiring and electrical products can lead to fire, injury and even death.
That’s why it’s important to check for and fix potential problems…
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Health Tip: Eat Safely at Outdoor Fairs

– The summer calendar is filled with fairs and festivals, but with the warmer temperatures comes an increased risk of food contamination, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns.
The CDC suggests considering these questions when…
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Health Tip: Heeding Motorcycle Safety

–In 2016, nearly 5,000 motorcycle users died in crashes, and about 88,000 were hurt, the National Safety Council says.
The council offers these suggestions for safer riding:

Always wear a full-coverage helmet.
Choose a bike that fits you.
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