Will Peanut Treatment Guard Against Peanut Allergy?

SUNDAY, Nov. 18, 2018 — People with peanut allergy can protect themselves from an allergic reaction by consuming a small amount of peanut powder every day, a new study suggests.
The “breakthrough” findings mean this new treatment is ready for…
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For Kids' Sports, Diversification Is Best

SATURDAY, Nov. 17, 2018 — If your kid is highly skilled at hockey but wants to try basketball, new research suggests you shouldn’t worry about whether that might cost your child a college scholarship.
Researchers surveyed 91 professional and…
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Vapers May Prompt Smokers to Quit: Study

FRIDAY, Nov. 16, 2018 — Could vapers be a good influence on smokers?
New research suggests that’s so: Cigarette smokers who spent more time with people who used electronic cigarettes were more likely to try quitting smoking.
The study included more…
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Here's More Evidence Obesity Can Shorten Your Life

FRIDAY, Nov. 16, 2018 — A study that tracked the weight and survival of more than 6,000 Americans for 24 years reinforces the notion that piling on excess pounds can lead to an earlier grave.
Being statistically obese, but not simply overweight,…
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Many Infants With Milk Allergy Seem to Outgrow It

FRIDAY, Nov. 16, 2018 — Milk allergy affects more than half of American infants who have food allergies in their first year of life, a new study finds.
However, study lead author Christopher Warren said, “Our findings suggest that while milk…
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