Who's Most Likely to Miss School Due to Eczema?

FRIDAY, May 24, 2019 — Hispanic and black children are more likely to miss school than white children due to the chronic skin condition eczema, a new study finds.
Researchers analyzed more than a decade of data on more than 8,000 2- to 17-year-olds…
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Leonardo da Vinci May Have Had ADHD

FRIDAY, May 24, 2019 — Leonardo da Vinci’s legendary struggles to complete projects suggest he may have had attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a British researcher says.
That’s the latest in a series of attempts to understand the…
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Nerve Stimulation May Help Curb Stroke Damage

FRIDAY, May 24, 2019 — Could electrical stimulation of nerves that sit behind your nose help limit the harm done to your brain by a stroke?
New research suggests it’s possible. In early experiments, blood flow to the brain was increased by widening…
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Senior Falls a Key Factor for Hospital Readmission

FRIDAY, May 24, 2019 — Fall-related injuries are a major reason why seniors are readmitted to the hospital within a month after being discharged, a new study finds.
“Falls are a trifecta in terms of reasons why they need an increased focus,” said…
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Worry Less for Better Health

FRIDAY, May 24, 2019 — Do you worry a lot? Besides the anxiety it’s causing you emotionally, it can threaten your health.
Whether you worry over actual problems or the fear of future ones, it interferes with sleep and quality of life. And,…
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