Carnivores' Comeback: Review Supports Red Meat in Diet

MONDAY, Sept. 30, 2019 — There’s a lurking dread in the back of the minds of many people who love steak, burgers and bacon — the fear that what they enjoy eating might not be doing their health any favors.
But a major new review argues that folks…
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Fish Oil Supplements May Do Your Heart Good

MONDAY, Sept. 30, 2019 — Millions of Americans pop a fish oil supplement each day, hoping to bolster their heart health. Now, research suggests they may be on the right track.
The most up-to-date review of data from 13 prior studies found daily…
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Many U.S. Seniors Are Going Hungry, Study Finds

MONDAY, Sept. 30, 2019 — Almost 1 in 10 U.S. seniors doesn’t have enough food to eat, a new study shows.
And for those under 65 who qualify for Medicare because they’re disabled, 4 of 10 may be going hungry, the researchers added.
“People are…
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