Dirty Air Might Raise Your Odds for Dementia

TUESDAY, March 31, 2020 — Smog drives up dementia risk, particularly for older men and women with heart disease, according to a new Swedish study.
For more than a decade, researchers tracked exposure to air pollution and dementia cases among nearly…
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Fitness Key to Long-Term Weight Loss Success

TUESDAY, March 31, 2020 — The more fit you are when you start a weight-loss program, the more weight you could lose, a new study says.
“This research could help us improve the design of our weight-loss programs and suggests that adults with very…
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Don't Fall Prey to COVID-19 Scammers

TUESDAY, March 31, 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a wave of scammers looking to take advantage of older adults, experts warn.
Social distancing has created an easy playground for “fraudulent telemarketers and internet scammers,” said…
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Major Study Casts Doubt on Routine Use of Stents, Bypass

TUESDAY, March 31, 2020 — Folks with clogged arteries do as well with medication and lifestyle changes as they do after undergoing invasive procedures to reopen their blood vessels, a major new clinical trial reports.
Bypass surgery, balloon…
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Being Chained to Your Desk Might Harm Your Thyroid

TUESDAY, March 31, 2020 — Could long hours at the office put you at risk for hypothyroidism?
New research suggests it’s possible: Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) was more than twice as common in adults who worked 53 to 83 hours a week as in…
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Can AI Predict Who Will Develop Diabetes?

TUESDAY, March 31, 2020 — Artificial intelligence (AI) may be able to identify people who will develop type 2 diabetes, researchers say.
For the study, the researchers used machine learning AI to analyze more than 509,000 annual health checkup…
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