A Simple Plan:

Learn More About The Effects Of Drugs

Surprising as it may sound, drugs have not been discovered by the millennials, they have been in existence for a very long time. The use of drugs is not pegged to modern society only. The earliest known drug was a hallucinogenic mushroom. The mushrooms grew naturally and were therefore one of the most common hallucinogens. It is important to note that drugs are not necessarily good for you even though they were being used by our ancestors. People in the past can be excused for their drug use since there were no studies on the effects of drugs at the time.We can also excuse those who used drugs in the past because they only used those that grew naturally.

A lot of things have evolved with the continuous development of science and technology and sadly, one of these things is drugs. A lot of drugs today are engineered in laboratories and then sold to the ignorant population. In the drug manufacturing laboratories, a lot of dangerous chemicals are combined to come up with final drug, thereby making modern day drugs very potent. If you use the drugs being sold today, you will lose your power of reasoning and find yourself craving more even when you know the drugs are wrong for you. In this article we will be looking at the effects of two of the most commonly abused drugs in society today.

Cannabis is the first drug we will look into. This drug is also known as marijuana and is referred to by most millennials as weed. In some states, you will find that marijuana is legal but this is only the case because of recent studies that have shown that marijuana can be of help in the medical industry.More research on cannabis shows that just like alcohol, the drug numbs a person’s central nervous system and hence the reason why most marijuana users are unable to react fast to certain situations. Most people who begun using marijuana at a tender age develop paranoia and schizophrenia later on.

Cocaine is another drug we will be looking at. Cocaine, unlike alcohol and cannabis is a stimulant that gives one a high for some minutes. After the buzz, you will experience a crash and this is when you will crave more of the drug here hence the reason why this drug is one of the most addicting. Since this drug fastens one’s heart rate, its users are in danger of having heart attacks or strokes. The after effects of cocaine are hallucinations, psychosis, sleep deprivation, loss of appetite and hence loss of weight and collapse of the wall dividing the nasal chamber because the snorting of cocaine causes nose sores.