A Woman Who Looks at Everything

Sometimes my mother gets a little mad when you give her something as a gift that may imply something else. This especially happens when she gets something that she thinks is a sign that she may be getting old. Even though she complains about getting older all the time, if there’s even a remote hint that someone else is suggesting it, she’ll get mad. She can be quite a difficult person sometimes, but I still love her. I just hope that she will accept the Collaskin that I got her as a birthday present. If not, then I may just use it for myself.

The product that I got her is great for giving the skin a more youthful look, with my mother would love, if she didn’t think I was telling her that she was getting old by giving her the gift. I suppose I could lie about the actual purpose of the product and peel off the label, but she probably would see through something like that. I’ll just give it to her straight and write her a thoughtful note about how much I love her, and hope for the best.

My father is talking a different route. He knows that whatever she gets, she’ll try to find some hidden meaning in it. So he’s going to give her a series of cards that have nothing but hidden meanings in them. She’ll have to open each card and figure out the clues in them to guess what her actual gift will be. He really got her a new necklace as a gift, but we’ll see if she can figure out how to get to it. At the very least, it should be funny to see her trying to figure out the cards and looking around the house to find the gift.