Tobacco's Harms May Come Sooner Than Smokers Think

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Smokers often think their habit won’t have health consequences until far into the future, a small survey suggests.
Researchers found that compared with nonsmokers, those who smoke generally believe that any health problems…
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How to Sit Less, Move More

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Even if you’re parked in front of a computer during the day, new research suggests that some simple changes can offset the health damage of all that sitting.
“Even if we exercise regularly, most of us sit or recline for an…
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Lack of Vitamin D Can Sideline College Football Players

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Nearly 60 percent of college football players have low levels of vitamin D, a new study suggests.
That means they face a significantly higher risk for muscle strain and injury, the researchers said.
“We were interested in…
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Essure Female Sterilization Device Appears Safe: Study

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Essure implants used in female sterilization have come under fire in recent years, with women reporting a wide array of problems to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
A new study from France shows the implants are…
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Neil Diamond Reveals Parkinson's Diagnosis

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Music legend Neil Diamond announced Monday that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and will no longer be able to perform live.
“It is with great reluctance and disappointment that I announce my retirement from…
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Dirty Water Taking Toll on Americans' Health, Wallets

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Water pollution is damaging Americans’ health, and at a high financial cost, too, new research finds.
Water-related recreational activities lead to more than 90 million cases a year of gastrointestinal, respiratory, ear,…
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Is Obesity 'Contagious'?

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Living in a neighborhood with a high rate of obesity might raise the odds that you and your children will become plus-sized, too.
That’s according to a new study involving more than 1,500 U.S. Army families. The researchers…
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E-Cigarettes: Both Good and Bad, Expert Panel Says

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Potential harms and benefits of e-cigarettes may depend on your age, according to a report mandated by the U.S. Congress.
The devices can lead young people to smoke conventional tobacco, but they also appear to help adults…
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Health Highlights: Jan. 23, 2018

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Unclear if Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Device Poses Fewer Health Risks Than Cigarettes: FDA
It’s not clear whether lower levels of some harmful…
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Spending More on Health Care? Here's Why

TUESDAY, Jan. 23, 2018 — Americans spent more on health care in 2016, even though their use of health care did not increase, and rising costs are the reason why, a new report shows.
“It is time to have a national conversation on the role of price…
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