Chemo Therapy Has Different Reactions on the Body

I had to start chemo and I wasn’t sure what kind of effects it was going to have on my body. There are so many different types of chemo that it can be hard to talk to talk to another person about their experiences. No two people have thever same experience. Crystal X has been helpful to me and some others that have gone through the same experience but to say that it would help all others would not be true. I did not lose my hair in my treatment but a lot of my friends did lose their hair.

My chemotherapy came in the form of a pill while my friends had the traditional kind of chemotherapy that was infused through an IV. There are many doctors that will tell you that the kind of chemotherapy is dependent on the kind of cancer that you have I did not have stage 4 cancer like my mother thereby I did not have an IV infusion chemotherapy.

My oncologist told me that I probably would not lose my hair but I would gain weight just as others have had on the same exact kind of chemotherapy that I am taking. I found that this was true and I have gained a considerable amount of weight and a small amount of time. My friends who had IV therapy chemo did lose their hair and actually lost weight which I found was pretty interesting considering we both had chemo around the same date.

I found that certain teas can help me feel better after I drink them and they help combat my stomach pains. There are many people that have relied on other things to help them get through their side effects as well. It is up to the patient to find a method that is best for them to get through this difficult time.