Healing My Son’s Injured Back

A friend recommended I do a search online for chiropractor in Cumming GA after my son suffered a frightening back injury during a sleepover at a friend’s house. We as parents do so much to make sure our children are safe, but they sure do now how to run off and get into scrapes. In my son’s instance, it was more than taking a tumble off a bike and scraping a knee. He and his friends watched some youtube videos about doing some fake wrestling moves and decided it would be entertaining to emulate such antics. To make a long story short, my son jumped off the roof of his friend’s house and tried to break a wooden table over his buddy’s back.

We got the two calls about an hour later, one from his friend’s parents and one from the hospital. Our son surprisingly wasn’t hurt nearly as bad as we had imagined, but he still needed some stitches on his arm. The next day we discovered something more serious when he kept bending over every few steps. He said his back hurt something awful and well of course it did! I sent him off to bed and it was worse when he got up a couple of hours later.

A visiting friend said look for a chiropractor so we did. I was apprehensive it would help, but we trundled our boy into the office and had the chiropractor take a look. A plan of action was developed in which my son would come to the office for five visits. The first few visits seemed rough on him, but things were looking up by the time he finished the cycle of office visits. Kids are tough and can usually shrug things off, but we’re glad we took him in and are sure he won’t suffer any lasting damage from this stupid stunt he pulled.