I Did Not Want to Go Under the Knife

I was in a car accident about a year ago. I thought when I had a football injury in college, that I knew what pain was. That was actually a walk in the proverbial park though compared to the pain that I felt when I was recovering from the accident. I honestly thought I had broke my back at first, but it was nothing quite that severe. Even without a broken back, the pain was unbearable. I had several options, including finding a chiropractor in Chicago or undergoing a surgical procedure.

I wanted something that would be immediate relief, but the doctor did tell me that the surgery would mainly be exploratory to see if there was something they could do that the images were not showing. I did not feel like being a pincushion or guinea pig though, so I opted to go the chiropractic route. I just had to find a chiropractor in the area as I had never had the need to visit one before. I cannot say how happy I am that I went this route. Chiropractors tend to go the natural path when possible, and that is exactly what has helped me.

I went three times a week at first because my back was such a mess. I went through a series of manipulations and adjustments, and I also had massage therapy as well. I honestly did not know what to think about that, because I always thought massages were just something that felt good. Well, I can say that they are definitely more than just pleasure, because I actually felt different after having one. I was able to gradually go down to twice a week visits, and I am now seeing my chiropractor once a week. I am nearly back to my old self, and I did not have to go under the knife to get this way.