I Had a Huge Gap in My Teeth

I was horrified when my cap fell out. I had spent a lot of money to have my teeth done so I would not be embarrassed to smile again, and the work was not even guaranteed past a few months. When my dentist had told me that I would need to pay to have it fixed, I knew that I was going to find someone new to go to. I went on my computer and did a search for Livermore dentist, and I took my time looking at the different ones that serve this area.

I had not taken my time the last time. Instead, I just chose one randomly, without looking up anything about the dentist that I chose. I was not going to make that mistake twice. I looked at each website and then I looked at reviews from others who have been to these dentists. If I would have done that with my last one, I would have seen that there were more dissatisfied patients than happy ones. I saw one that had quite a few really good reviews, and I knew that was the one that I was going to go to.

I called them and explained what had happened. They were able to see me that same day, and I was really appreciative of that. I had a huge gap right in front because of the missing cap, and I wasn’t going out of my house except to see the dentist. When I went to their office, I felt comfortable right from the start. I was examined, and it was actually a very easy fix. It did not cost me very much, and it was just a great overall experience. I knew that this was going to be my dentist from that point forward, and I could not be happier.