Setting Up an Emergency Kit

It is almost time for my little girl to go out in the world on her own, in her own car. She is fifteen years old now, but she is going to be sixteen in no time. Already I have been teaching her how to drive and she seems to have a real skill at it. At any rate I want her to be ready for anything that happens to her out on the road. I already have a Blazeray tactical flash light which is going to be in the glovebox. It is a really good light that did not cost that much in comparison the real tactical lights. Of course a real tactical flashlight is designed for the work of a police officer or a soldier. You should be able to whack a criminal over the head with it and have it keep working. These people are in a life or death business, so you want to pay for gear that does what it is supposed to do no matter what.

Of course there are all sorts of ideas on what you really need to do for an emergency kit. You need to have a fire extinguisher obviously, one that is both portable and effective. At work we have to have our fire extinguishers inspected ever so often. That is in the law and if you are in a public place you have to do this. I am going to have to figure out which one is the best for her. It is going to be necessary to get things for her to make it really obvious if she has trouble, so you would have to have road flares or something else like that. After that you need to have a real first aid kit, but that is not simple either.